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Rochester Fire Department works with Mayo Clinic, Limb Lab for training simulation


The Rochester Fire Department collaborated with Mayo Clinic and Limb Lab for an Emergency Medical Services training simulation Wednesday.

RFD conducted their training at Mayo Clinic's Multidisciplinary Simulation Center.

The training is part of RFD's monthly EMS training to keep their skills up. The simulation center is a state-of-the art facility where Mayo staff can put on "live" simulations that test first responders' abilities to assess and treat different medical situations. 

As crews treated the patient they were monitored in control room, then they met and went over what happened and watched the footage.    

The benefit of training with live actors in different scenarios versus training in classrooms with mannequins, is that it gives fire crews the opportunity to train in as close to a real-life situation as they can.

"This definitely takes the stress level up a little bit higher," said Battalion Chief Erik Propotnik. "There's artificial injuries that look real, there's artificial blood that lends itself to a little more realism so when our crews walk through the door, immediately the stress level is a little bit higher, it's a little more like it would be on a real-life call."

Another purpose of the training was to get crews to identify the life threatening situation in the room, what needs to happen first, what are the priorities, and then take the correct course of action.

This is the second year RFD has collaborated with Mayo Clinic's Simulation Lab for training.

Chief Propotnik said the feedback from the fire crews was very much in support of doing the live simulation training in an on-going fashion.

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