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DFL gubernatorial candidate Erin Murphy reveals healthcare vision for Minnesota


DFL candidate for governor Erin Murphy revealed on Wednesday her plan for single payer healthcare in Minnesota at Cafe Steam in Rochester.

The plan would make Minnesota the first state in the country to provide guaranteed affordable healthcare for everyone.

She said too many people are uninsured or have coverage that does not take care of their medical needs.

Her single payer plan includes opening Minnesota Care, and allow anyone to get their health care coverage through the public program.

Murphy said there is need for reforms that cover everyone in the state, making prescription drugs more affordable and keeping decisions between patients and medical professionals.

"I have watched Minnesota move in a direction that is unfortunately way too much about meeting the needs of corporate interests, of the status quo power and really about positioning itself - the legislature - to win the next election," she said. "And what's getting lost in that is our effort together using that kind of politics that I believe in. The kind that is about us, and focusing on our future and solving the needs for Minnesotan communities."

Murphy is a registered nurse and has been fighting to bring affordable and comprehensive healthcare to the state for decades.

Murphy said she favors using the state's buying power to negotiate directly with prescription drug manufacturers and insurance companies to save taxpayers money.

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