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Eco-Blitz takes over Austin area streams for "Critter Sampling"

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -

Normally the term "blitz" is reserved for football, but the Jay C Hormel Nature Center is using it to help promote its eco-friendly week.

Eco-Blitz: Waste Week events throughout the week are designed to show people what happens with their waste and how they can make better use of it.

"When we think we're just putting something in the trash, what happens to it then? It doesn't just disappear and the water treatment plant, when you flush something or rinse something down the drain, it has to go somewhere," said Maria Anderson, Hormel Nature Center Teacher/Naturalist.

The nature center puts on a water festival week, but this year organizers decided to change it to focus on waste and being more environmentally conscious of where it goes.

Monday focused on streams and water test sampling, the Izaak Walton League lead the way to help test nearby Dobbins Creek.

"People need to learn about what's in our rivers and streams so that they are more interested in keeping them clean, so the more sensitive organisms we find that are sensitive to pollution, that means the cleaner the stream," said Izaak Walton League Volunteer, Merlene Stiles.

The theme of the week is "Everything has to go somewhere; there is no such place as away."

"Hopefully just having a little more knowledge about what actually happens when your waste goes to these places will help people understand the best way to sort it and what should go where, what can't go in recycling and so on," continued Anderson.

Helping residents be more comfortable and confident in knowing what you can and cannot recycle.

"I think people will feel empowered to be able to go home and actually keep their organics out of the landfill and actually use them for something," added Anderson.

For anyone that participates in multiple activities, they have a chance to win a composter or rain barrel.

To check out the full list of events for Eco-blitz, click here.

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