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Dredging begins in Albert Lea's Edgewater Bay


  It's been years in the making.  Now after an enormous amount of debate and negotiating, it's finally time to begin dredging Fountain Lake in Albert Lea.
  And there's a warning for boaters on the lake this weekend.

 The dredging project has been in the works for a while and started earlier this week.  People out on Edgewater Bay can easily see warning signs floating around in the water.  Boaters are being asked to keep their distance from the dredge.  Most of the dredge line is on the lake bottom, but what is above the surface is what you need to watch out for.

Shell Rock River watershed District Administrator Andy Henschel says, about careless boaters, "They're probably going to do some damage to their boat motor.  The line is pretty tough, so the odds of them damaging that are slim, but again it's going to do damage to their boat and potentially throw them out of their boat.  So, again, it's just safety is our primary concern out there." 

Right now, pressure testing is all that's taking place, but efforts are going to be ramped up in coming days.  Shell Rock River Watershed District officials say people wanting more information can look on their Facebook page as they will be posting updates.

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