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10 Who Make a Difference - Charles Jackson


All this week, KTTC and the United Way of Olmsted County are honoring "10 Who Make a Difference."

Today, we introduce you to Charles Jackson, of Rochester. Jackson is an ex-convict and former drug addict. While serving his three year sentence on drug charges, he decided to turn his life around and founded the group 'Ministry of Good Works" in 2013.

Members are made up of former convicts and drug addicts who hope to use the lessons of their past as a guiding light to at-risk youth. The group aims to educate young people that being involved with gangs, drugs, and violence can lead to jail time or death.

Every Sunday the organization hands out food outside the Rochester Public Library to those struggling to get by.

"I was once in that situation too, and I was turned away too. So for me to give back and other receives it, that just burns more fire on my cause to do more." said Jackson, "I don't think there's no bad people, I think that we make mistakes because we prone to constantly making these mistakes because of the way that we was raised."

Ministry of Good Works also organizes vigils for people who died from drug misuse or killed from violence even if members did not know them. 

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