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New type of day camp helps Autistic children learn social skills


Exercisabilities is offering a Social Skills Camp this summer catered to children in Rochester with Autism.

The camp is called Flexible, Capable Me. It's a brand new cam that runs for two weeks for two and a half hours a day, aimed at children ages nine to eleven.

At this camp, children are taught to be aware of and think about their own feelings, and other people's feelings.

"Using the whole curriculum idea of social thinking. Where we're learning about unthinkables and Super Flex and being a flexible thinker," said Speech Language Therapist Cindy Wiest. 

Children play games that will give them some exercise and stimulate learning, but also help calm the brain.

They'll also learn about social rules, and what is socially appropriate and inappropriate.

"The whole idea of becoming more socially aware of you environment, more socially aware of what your behaviors are," said Wiest. "Are you conducting yourself and showing appropriate behaviors? Which then will make other proud of you, and you proud of yourself."

Or are they getting unthinkable characters?

"An unthinkable character is somebody...actually it's a behavior that you don't want to have in your head," said Wiest.

Each day of the camp, children learn about new unthinkable character.

"We talked about Rock Brain. And Rock Brain is super stubborn and inflexible, and we want to keep them out of our heads so that we can bring in Super Flex into our head to be a flexible thinker." she said. "And then the other thinkables for this week are Brain Eater today, and Glassman."

Wiest said Brain Eater makes children highly distracted, and Glassman makes them have huge upset reactions.

This camp aims to help children deal with those emotions.

"It's all about becoming, as we're telling them in our camp this week, becoming a social detective. So you're really more aware of what is going on around you socially." said Wiest.

The camp runs on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m

There are still spots available if parents are interested in registering their children. Click here to find out more.

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