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Trump & Kim summit leaves some Rochester residents hopeful, cautiously optimistic


The historic meeting with  North Korea's Leader is over, possibly paving a way to peace in the peninsula.

We asked some Rochester residents about their feelings after the meeting, and what they think it means for the peninsula.

Some said they were hopeful about peace, others said they were cautiously optimistic.

"I think it was very positive. I think it was a good start I think, I was surprised that it really happened. But, it's been going on 65 years without a peace agreement." said Korean War Veteran Merle Peterson.

He was reflecting on the war he fought in more than 60 years ago, helping to prevent communist forces from overtaking South Korea.

"It means a lot to myself and the people who fought there because it made us a better person because we've been there."

Rawhi Said studied North and South Korea as part of his undergraduate degree.

"I am on the mindset and I am of the hope that maybe something can happen for the people on North Korea because I believe in the humanitarian aspect of it. But to see if something is going to happen will take some time," he said. "In terms of human rights, it would be nice to see that change."

President Trump and Kim Jong Un signed a document promising "security guarantees" to North Korea. In return, Kim would give up the North's nuclear weapons.

"I have good positive thoughts and a lot of hope that things will work well," said Peterson.

Trump will be in Minnesota next week for a rally in Duluth. He's expected to discuss the economy, trade and his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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