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Volunteers help turtles' journey to lay eggs


Once a year, turtles trek 20 miles from Whitewater State Park to lay their eggs.

They don't do this without some help.

For the past 30 years, a group of volunteers has been helping the reptiles safely get to where they're going.

They make sure the turtles don't get run over on county road 84. It's the main obstacle between the park and a sand prairie where they make their nests.

Sara Grover of the Department of Natural Resources is involved with the turtle rescue at Whitewater, and believes the event leaves an impact on the volunteers.

"Of course we're going to help the turtles cross the road," says Grover.  "But the big thing is the children and the families that come out and get involved, they feel empowered that it's not hard to volunteer and just taking a couple hours out of your schedule to do something like this can really make a difference, so hopefully they go on and volunteer at other locations too."

The turtle rescue happens twice in June for the adult females, and twice in September for the babies once they hatch.

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