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Sandy Ann's Hairstyling looking for new location after notice to vacate current one


Imagine having your whole life's work come to a halt and there's not a whole lot you can do about it.

A Rochester woman who'd been running a  hair styling business for almost four decades is facing that struggle, as she can no longer run her business from its current location.

Sandy Ann tell us she and other tenants in her building were given a notice Thursday evening on May 31 that the building complex is sold, and they need to be moved out by June 30.

She said there's nothing she can do, and that doesn't blame who bought it, but she's worried about losing her long-time customers and all the memories she made in the building at 40 16th St. Southeast.

"It's in the Gilda-Banfield trust. And Dr. Banfield owned it for...since 1989, and he always said to me whenever one of us die it'll be over. And he did pass away five years ago," she said. "But I've been still here and you know, you pay every month and you're going to still be here."

Sandy Ann's Hairstyling has been at 40 16th St. Southeast, Suite F for nearly 40 years. But come June 30, she needs to have moved everything out of there.

"When you know what you want to do and you love it, it's hard," she said. Sandy Ann works primarily with the elderly and a lot of memory care patients. 

"We have a lot of customers now with memory loss, and we're their, you know, favorite thing to come here," she said.

Her business is now struggling to find a new place in a very tight market. She said she hasn't found a place in Southeast or Southwest Rochester, since she would like to stay in the area and closer to her customers.

"I mean I would've been glad to say 'okay fine we'll just find another location.' But when you only have 30 days," she said.

A moving company is coming on June 29 to get all the equipment and furniture and put them in storage.

We reached out to Paramark Real Estate Services, and they told us they'd been trying to lease the property and fill up the empty spots there, but they were not involved in the sale and don not manage the building.

Sandy Ann is still looking for a new location for her business. 

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