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Joe Oppold: That's A Great Haircut


Grit. Perseverance. Courage.

Those are some of the core values Cadets at United States Military Academy seek to develop. 22 years ago, Rochester resident Joe Oppold graduated with top honors from the academy with promising dreams for the future.

And then, the unthinkable happened. Life took a tragic turn that destroyed a lot of his dreams. 

After suffering severe headaches, Joe experienced a cerebral aneurysm that required a lengthy surgery during which he had a stroke causing paralysis. 
For Joe, the the aneurysm was hitting rock bottom. It was a long journey to recovery, fueled by family, friends and God. 

After years of therapy, Joe eventually got his life back. He can now walk and talk; he lived his soldier's creed to never quit. 

It occurred to him that every life-altering event in his 44 years has been marked by one thing: a major haircut. He got 'buzzed' before attending West Point. Before his brain surgery. Before his marriage to Becky. And the Winter Games at Aspen Snowmass where hundreds of people with disabilities come together to push their limits. Joe was there in April surrounded by friends and family.

Joe's story is journaled now in a book called, That's a Great Haircut. 

Its goal? Simple. To inspire others that dreams can come true. 

Joe is an optimistic guy, and determined, too. 

It's gotten him this far, to a world he couldn't have imagined 22 years ago. A great life. And it's been marked in time by some pretty great haircuts!

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