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SE Minnesota farmers anxious to plant


While the soaking rains may be good for our lawns and gardens, too much of it hasn't been good for farmers and their fields.

"It's slowed us down, we're not able to get into the fields," said Hart.

But Hart is optimistic about getting back in his fields very soon.

"In the Potsdam area, we don't have too much rain, others have more than what we've had and they're going to have to wait a little longer to get into the fields," said Hart. "But we feel that we're just about the right amount of moisture. We should be in the field in a day or so."

Even though the middle of May seems like prime planting time, farmers are actually a little behind schedule.

"Typically you like to have the corn in by the 10th of May to get your maximum yield," said Hart. "They say every day after that you lose one bushel per acre."

While it's late in the planting season, farmers are nowhere near panic mode.

"Right now we've lost 5 bushels an acre for every acre we don't have planted," said Hart. "So it is time to get it planted but you still have to wait for the conditions to be ready. It just depends on how quick we can get it in and how the weather goes after that, through June, July, and August, the critical time for the corn, for moisture and temperatures."

For now, farmers are taking the wet field conditions in stride.

"Just have to be patient, wait for the weather to straighten out."

As dry and sunny conditions are on tap for the next couple days, farmers should be able to get back into the fields very soon.

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