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Plenty of items on the docket with one week left of the 2018 Legislative session

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KTTC) -

It's the beginning of the end of the 2018 legislative session and lawmakers are looking at two options.

"It could be wonderful, great, we get the pension bill passed, the bonding bill passed and a tax Bill passed," Representative Greg Davids, a Republican of Preston, said."We get all these bills passed or we could end up doing nothing and I hope that's not the case we have."

One of the biggest accomplishments of the day was the House passage of the bonding bill-- which dedicates funding for projects around the state--- with a bipartisan 84-39 vote.

"Really optimistic today we had a very successful bonding bill that had funding for projects in Rochester that are very near and dear to me," Rep. Nels Pierson, a Republican of Rochester, said. "The RCTC funding is a project, a huge, long-awaited project that I'm proud to have authored and gotten into the bill."

However it needs to end up matching the senate version of the bill, a hurdle in-and-of itself.

"I can't imagine the Senate agreeing with ours, with that many changes in the two bills," Representative Duane Sauke, a DFLer from Rochester, said. "So there's every chance that we will come back and there will be another vote taken on capitol investments."

As an example of those changes, funding for veterans homes across the state.

In the House, that money comes from US Bank Stadium's reserve fund.

In the Senate, it comes from bonding dollars, and there is little support on the Senate side to follow the House's lead.

Another big goal for legislative leaders is a tax bill conforming the state taxes to the new federal tax overhaul.

Governor Mark Dayton said in a press conference that if there's no emergency funding for schools, he won't approve the bill.

Republicans however aren't phased by his words.

"I'm still hopeful, I'm very optimistic that the senate and house have come to an agreement on what the tax bill will be," Davids said.

So they continue to work and wrap up all loose ends by the deadline of May 21st.

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