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Firefighters train to extinguish fires faster by burning donated house


Firefighters from Rochester, Cannon Falls, and Goodhue gained some experience today about how to put out fires quickly, since fires burn faster from certain materials homes and buildings are made with.

Not to worry, there was no one inside. The owner donated the home to the Goodhue Fire Department so they can train younger firefighters. Goodhue Fire Chief Dustin Luhman said the owner had planned rebuild the home from scratch

It's also to promote the national Close Before You Doze campaign.

"If you can block off the fire and keep doors closed, then we don;t have to worry about when things are open. It travels through that," said Chief Luhman. "Even a hollow core door, which is very light but it still stops the movement of the fire from one room to the next."

New research by Underwriters Laboratories shows that people have about three minutes to escape a house fire safely.

That's down from 17 minutes just 40 years ago.

"Generally you only got three minutes like you said that we could get in there. You don't want to breathe any of the smoke nowadays," said Chief Luhman. "Today's houses have so many--everything is built out of plastic and carbon-based, so we can't breathe any of that stuff anymore."

Fire Chief Dustin Luhman said the smoke contains carcinogens that can be deadly to the occupants of the home. It can also cause cancer in firefighters. 

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