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Rochester Synagogue celebrates Holocaust Remembrance day or Yom Ha Shoah


 There was special recognition, Wednesday night, for a group of 44 children killed after hiding in a Jewish orphanage in eastern France.

Their memory was honored with a song written for the congregation at the synagogue.

"Originally the poem inside of [the song] was written by one of these children," Benjamin Hargraves, one of the synagogue students said.

"She wrote a french poem and [the songwriter] got the poem and turned it into a song that's going to be played today,"Joshua Rabinstein, another synagogue students said.

The children who died were between the ages of 4 and 17.

Children at the synagogue, singing the song Wednesday night, tell us it hits close to home. 

"These were kids who couldn't live out their lives properly like we can today," Hayes Wainberg, another student, said. 

"If we lived back then we probably would have to go through their pain too," Leah Wainberg, Hayes's sister, said.

Those gathered also heard from Arlene Diesenhouse, whose parents were holocaust survivors.

This was the first time she told her grandchildren the story, including the fact that not all her family members made it through.

"They never had a chance," Diesenhouse said of her aunts, killed when they were nine and eleven years old. "So to see my grandchildren here and see them stand in place of children they had learned about was very meaningful, it was very poignant "

Year after year, people around the world, especially those of the Jewish faith, remember the 6 million Jews killed nearly 80 years ago.

Even the youth know why the story is so important to share,

"It's important to relive the past so history doesn't repeat itself," Rabinstein said. "Not relive but remember the past."

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