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UPDATE: Double homicide suspect hearing rescheduled


UPDATE: The lawyer for the man accused of stabbing two other men to death has motioned to reschedule the Rule 8 hearing.

Glenn Johnson's next court appearance will be April 24 at 9 a.m. 

Johnson remains in custody on 3 million dollars bail.

The extra two weeks should give the defense time to review the large amount of evidence that pertains to this case. 


PREVIOUS STORY: The man arrested in a deadly double stabbing in Rochester Saturday night is now facing first degree murder charges, that's up from second degree charges he initially faced. 

53 year-old Glenn Johnson made his first appearance in court on Tuesday, where was charged with first degree-premeditated murder. This charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The victims, 57 year-old Phillip Hicks and 45 year-old Eric Fleming, were stabbed to death.

Johnson is accused of a double homicide that happened on Saturday at the Salvation Army Castleview apartments, where he and the two victims lived.

According to the criminal complaint, a security guard showed police surveillance video of a victim in a wheelchair getting stabbed with a powerful thrust that knocked over his wheelchair. Roughly a minute later, Johnson allegedly enters the second victim's apartment and stabs him multiple times.

Rochester Police Capt. John Sherwin said Johnson had reportedly "bickered" with the victims "quite a bit." Sherwin told the Post Bulletin newspaper that Johnson was combative with arresting officers and would not tell investigators what happened after he was arrested.

According to the criminal complaint, Johnson said to an officer after he was arrested that "both of them asked for what they got." The criminal complaint also states that a witness heard yelling in the hallway, opened his door, looked down the hall and saw a wheelchair lying next to Johnson. When Johnson saw the witness, he ordered the witness to close his door "unless [he] wanted to be next."

In addition security guard saw Johnson giggling as he was coming down a stairwell of Castleview apartments after the time of the stabbing . 

We sat down with Senior Assistant County Attorney Brian Hagen who explained why the county went with a first degree murder charges instead of the initial second degree murder charges.

"The cover sheets of the police report said second degree murder. That's just how they send it up to us. Any felony case, the charges are determined by the county attorney's office," said Hagen. "In this particular case, we reviewed all of the evidence that was provided to us, and we believe that there was sufficient evidence to support the element of premeditation. In other words, evidence that the defendant made a conscious decision to kill the victims before he did so, and so we charged it as first degree murder."

Johnson's unconditional bail has been set at $3,000,000. Hagen said under the law, bail is determined mainly by public safety risk and flight risk.

"The public safety risk of an accused double stabbing is obvious. And the non-appearance risk we felt was substantial enough because of his, you know, the fact that he hasn't been here very long and that we believe he's lived in a lot of different places," said Hagen.

Johnson's next court appearance is on April 10th at 9 am.

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