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Day at the Capitol begins with lobbying lesson


The president of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce calls it one of the most beautiful parts of American democracy - the ability to talk one-on-one with lawmakers about decisions important to you. 

This year's Day at the Capitol is putting an emphasis on that face-to-face interaction with legislators like never before. 

The chamber is meeting with three times as many lawmakers than in years past.

Wednesday morning, a quick Lobbying 101 course helped the more than 150 chamber members prepare for the meetings in St. Paul. 

The key issues this year: maintaining a strong workforce, infrastructure, and consistent labor laws. 

The group boarded buses to make the trek to St. Paul, with the help of  KTTC's Tom Overlie and Matt Benz. 

They're working a long day at the capitol, returning back to Rochester around 8 p.m. Wednesday. 

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