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Want to track down animals? Come to Chester Woods Park!


The month of March is a time to enjoy the outdoors, in part because that's because it's easier to find animal tracks. Whether it's because of snow or mud, nature lovers have opportunities to track down wild animals in Minnesota.

That's just what people are doing at Chester Woods Park.
Park staff greeted guests and discussed what to look for in the wild this time of year during a program allowing people to get a chance to enjoy the outdoors. 

Visitors were led through the park on a hike looking for signs of animals. People who work at the park say activities like this are a great way to get to know nature.
"You may not necessarily see the animals all the time when they're out," says Celeste Lewis, who is a staff naturalist at Chester Woods, "but it's a good way to find out what is actually out there and around you because you can see that activity, what's going on and that they are there.  And so, those signs are very apparent this time of year." 

People can learn more about Chester Woods Park and its programs on the Olmsted County website.

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