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Two Rochester artists talk about living creatively & working, while also being the parents of three children


Art doesn't strictly mean painting on a canvas. 

It has different meanings to different people, and people go about expressing or pursuing them in different ways. On Saturday we met two people whose love for art and creativity brought them together. 

It was as if the stars conspired to make sure these two meet.

Artists Heather and Brandon Sampson have been married for about 15 years, and have three kids. A hunger for art and a love for creativity is what they say drives them. They shared some of their stories, songs and insights at the Rochester Art Center with families who might also want to live creatively.

"We're not painting on canvases or that kind of thing but like, our whole lives really revolve around creativity," said Heather.

Brandon runs Limb Lab in downtown Rochester, making custom artificial limbs for people. "There's a definite fulfilling of my creative process during that. We're working with people individually, solving problems, creating a device that they can use to walk and be more mobile and more functional," he said.

Heather is a yoga instructor. "Creativity definitely comes through movement, and I'm a really kinesthetic person. So as a yoga teacher I feel like I'm creating space where, not just physical like creativity is happening, but that fosters spiritual creativity," she said.

They both play the guitar and sing. Brandon wrote a song called 'Bloom' about their four-year-old daughter, and some of the lyrics are influenced by Heather's work as a yoga instructor.

"It kind of shows like that we're collaborating in our relationship, and that that really fuels our capacity to stay creative," said Heather. "It's also really satisfying of course for me knowing like, you know, Brandon's primarily the one who's writing the songs that, you know, I have an influence creatively on him and it comes through in his music."

They admit raising three children and living a creative life is tough, but they say their teamwork is strong; impossible to pull apart.

"It's really a lifestyle, and so I think that's why we ended up together," said Heather.

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