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With release of new album, Rochester music fans reflect on Jimi Hendrix's influence


Brandon Evans fixes guitars, all for a very simple reason.

"I really, really love music and I'm not the greatest player, I'm not as good of a player as I would like to be," Evans said. "It makes me really happy to help musicians do what they do."

Every great guitarist needs someone behind the scenes. 

Jimi Hendrix's unique sound was hand crafted by someone like Evans.

"His guitar tech was going after, something no one had ever heard before with that fuzz pedal," Evans said.

It was a combination of many things that helped Hendrix change the music scene in the late 60s, and guitarists here in Rochester still feel the weight of his impact. 

"I think he was good to give people this creativity, because of how he did and how he played," Chris Tauzell, a guitarist working at Schmitt Music, said. "Especially how he flipped the guitar a whole new way gave people like, 'Well he did it this way, maybe I can try doing it a whole other way.'"

That creative outlook is one of the reasons why rock music isn't so structured.

"Sometimes when you get stuck on the technicalities, it inhibits your creative side and how you can really let loose and create new sounds or styles," Kumail Naim, a local guitarist said.

Now with a new album with 10 never-before-heard songs, music fans are excited to experience his sound.

Once again, for the first time. 

"I think it'll be interesting to hear what comes up because it could be something very unique and different sounding," Tauzell said.

With hopes that another Hendrix might be in need of a fixed guitar, Evans keeps working away.

"Definitely looking up to these guys, it's awesome to be able to fix something up and and then see it go on stage and create something amazing, music-wise," Evans said.

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