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Rochester elementary school begins project for students to create mural


After taking a look at how to improve their school, Riverside Central Elementary decided to provide students with the chance to create art for their school in the form of a mural.

With the help of the Minneapolis based group, GoodSpace Murals, the students are getting a chance to work towards this goal.

Thursday's "Heritage Night" event celebrates the diversity and culture of the students and families at the school, which highlights the goal of this mural project, to make students, families and others feel liked, respected, welcomed and engaged at school.

"Our efforts are always to incorporate as much of the community as possible into the fabric of our site. We're also a national turn around art school.. so naturally the arts and incorporating our families and the local area around us, blended really well with the mural project," said Matt Ruzek, Riverside Central Elementary Principal.

It's the students at the school who have become the main focus of this project to help encompass their diverse backgrounds.

"They're creating these fun design collages. We did a photo shoot, we got shots of every student of the school and they're just putting them together into ideas for the design," said Candida Gonzalez, Co-Owner of GoodSpace Murals.

Working with the students isn't the only part of it either, incorporating the community as a whole takes time too.

"We'll come back down here in August and September and we'll be doing community paint parties that are open to the community that anybody can be apart of. We'll be back in the school for another two week residency painting with the kids and then we'll be spending probably about a week getting it all up on the wall," added Gonzalez.

A lot of hours but something the school feels will enhance the environment and allows for the students and their families to get creative in helping design the piece.

"A big thing for us is that we're familial and it's really an amazing thing to see people from all over the globe, from different continents and countries and states coming together through a project like the mural is a natural fit for our site. This was just a perfect way to do that and to display it for the community to see and celebrate," Ruzek said.

The project is set to be finished sometime in the fall and is entirely grant funded from local organizations.

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