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Rochester teachers rally for new contract


Hundreds of Rochester students and teachers rallied outside the Edison Building ahead of Tuesday's school board meeting to push for better protection in class and a new teacher contract.

Dan Kuhlman, Rochester Education Association President, says teachers are working under the conditions and terms of the previous contract. Their last contract expired last June.

"It's frustrating when we see other groups getting raises, administration, our superintendent as well," said Ann Pittenger, a teacher at John Marshall High School.

"We sometimes forget that the direct impact on students is from teachers," said Lisa Alexander, a student a Mayo High School.  "So, instead of spending money on things that are indirectly impacting money on our education, maybe we should be spending it on people like our teachers."

"It's not us vs. them, we are a community, and we work together, and we want the best for our students," said Pittenger.

Kuhlman says this is the first rally REA has held in more than six years. "Today is a time for camaraderie. We're showing each other we're there for one another, and we'll be there for you."

Teachers and Rochester Public Schools have been working on settling a deal over the past few month and will return to the bargaining table March 23.

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