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Fundraiser for young woman with stage 4 liver cancer brings large attendance


On Tuesday we shared with you the story of a young woman fighting stage four liver cancer. 

21-year-old Courtney McGill was diagnosed on December 29 with an illness that usually people in their 60's or 70's are diagnosed with. Her family planned a fundraiser for on Saturday at the Eagles Club.

And it started with a bang.

Courtney took the first few swings at a car she and her friends spray painted. The car symbolizes her cancer diagnosis, the smashing symbolizing how she wants to beat it.

And one after another, people lined up to take a sledge hammer or a baseball bat and "beat up" cancer.

"So far it's kind of exceeded my expectations with how many people came, you know, 30 minutes early or even right at 12. So I'm pretty impressed with the way people have come out to support," said Shane Mowen, Courtney's cousin.

"It's great to be able to like feel the support and like the love that Courtney's been able to get during this fight, so it's really great," said Courtney's cousin Kari McGill.

People outside the Eagles Club were smashing a car or tossing bean bags to win the bean bag tournament. Inside, there was a silent auction, a live auction, a bake sale, and even more people supporting Courtney.

"It's awesome. Lots of people, lots of gifts, lots of donations, pretty overwhelming," said Courtney's father Neil McGill. "I'd just like to thank everybody for their support, and all the great people that are around the Eagles here and everybody that comes to see and support Courtney. It's awesome."

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