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Locals share Valentine's Day tips


Bleu Duck Kitchen restaurant is feeling the love this Valentine's Day. While some restaurants fear a weekday Valentine's Day may not bring in quite the same amount foot traffic, for this Rochester-based restaurant that was not the case. 

"It's kinda nice for us where Valentine's Day is midweek, it will kinda spread the business out which will make life smoother for us in the restaurant," said Jordan Bell. 

On the day of love, Bleu Duck Kitchen spiced up its weekly menu. "Tonight we are doing a little bit of a different menu. We are doing pasta, some scallop, and Cornish game hen," said Bell.

Paul Koerner, Blue Duck Kitchen's bartender, says serving guests and being a small part of someone's celebration means a lot to him. 

Guests tell KTTC how they keep their love and passion alive beyond the heart-filled holiday.

"Making food for each other when we can, because we all got busy schedules so sometimes the last thing you want to do when you come home is to make food, " said George Wang. "That can go a long way."

Wang says it's the little things we do that adds up over time. He and his girlfriend Linh Vu are neuro-medicine residents at Mayo. 

"It's really hard for us to actually see each other all the time," said Vu. I think just by keeping in touch, texting and checking in like, 'how are you doing? how was your day?', it actually means a lot.

Many in the room tell us you don't need to wait until Valentine's Day to show your significant other you care.

"My wife likes to send me the cutest little texts messages here and there telling me how much she appreciates me, and my dedication to my job and taking care of my family, that stuff means a lot to me," said Jason Sands.

He says the secret is to impress 356 days a year, not just on date night. 

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