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RPS holds boundary meeting to collect parent feedback


Rochester public schools is looking for parent feedback before a proposed school boundary change.

As we've reported, this is being met with some push-back already.

It's important to note that  no decisions have yet been made but RPS believes it is the best course of action.

The plan would affect around 150 families starting the 2018-2019 school year.

Now, all of this is coming up to try and even out the number of students at Rochester area schools as some are nearing or over capacity. 

However RPS says that this move is a temporary measure at best.

Parents are unhappy because it's going to cause some students who have been going to one school to all of the sudden change to another. 

"They establish strong relationships and they establish essentially like a family and we want to maintain that cohesive integrity for the students and that comfort for them too," Rachael Majorowicz, a parent there, said. "They can focus on learning and not wondering where they're going to school next year if they're going to have to make new friends and all that uncertainty."

With Tuesday night's meeting, parents offered suggestions like not changing anything, because they don't agree with the data, to building new schools, something the school district says is in the works for the future.

The School Board will receive a proposal, including all the data and Tuesday's feedback by next board meeting, next week

However, the board is not likely to make a decision until march.

Parents can ask questions and share concerns regarding proposed school boundary changes in Rochester Tuesday evening. 

The School Board is considering a change that would impact about 150 families, possibly resulting in students attending a different school for the upcoming year. 

The families that might be affected have students that attend the following schools:

  • Bamber Valley 
  • Churchill / Hoover
  • Elton Hills
  • Gibbs
  • Jefferson
  • Riverside Central
  • Sunset Terrace 
  • John Adams
  • Kellogg
  • Century 
  • John Marshall 

The feedback meeting runs from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Edison building. A recommendation is expected to be presented at next week's school board meeting. 

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