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Athlete of the Week - Lourdes Hockey's Emma Schmitz


In its inaugural season, the Lourdes girls hockey team is accomplishing what few thought they could do heading into the season.

"They have no idea what's coming for them because it's our first season. So they don't know if we're good, if we're bad, but sneaking up on them is probably one of my favorite things because they don't know how fast and competitive we actually are," said Lourdes Center, Emma Schmitz.

The Eagles advanced on to the section 1-A championship game after blanking Faribault 6-0, behind star Center Emma Schmitz's hat trick.

"It's impressive, she's a very hard working girl, she uses her teammates very well. The thing that makes Emma special is her speed, anyone that watches her skate knows that she's a very talented skater. And it's exciting to know I've got a couple more years with her," said Lourdes Head Coach, Jeff True.

Only a sophomore, Schmitz has been tearing up the ice this season for Lourdes, tallying up 31 goals and 21 assists on the season, ranking in the top 20 in the state in total points with 52.

"It's not just me myself, I mean with my team helping me out it just helps me rank up the points. I mean if I have a chance to shoot and none of my teammates are open I'll take it, but if someone else has a better opportunity I'll give it to them because I'm not about being a puck hog. I think being a team player is one of the biggest parts of hockey," said Schmitz.

The team knows they have a tough challenge awaiting them against Red Wing and Taylor Heise, but Schmitz says she's up to the challenge.

"Taylor Heise is someone that is very competitive and very good, the girl made it to US Hockey. I mean I'm going to challenge her and see if I can keep up with her and I'm gonna try and learn from her, because she's older than me and I'm just going to try and grow. I feel like taking her down would be the stop of the team and I feel like our team could definitely win this game if we just play as one," Schmitz added.

Lourdes Girls hockey star Emma Schmitz is this week's KTTC Newscenter Sports Athlete of the Week.

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