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Rochester photographer captures wildlife photos in backyard


With a gentle click of the shutter button, Don Anderson of Rochester captures a moment that will last forever. 

"I was in the living room reading, and my wife was in the bedroom and she yelled, 'Don, I think there's a fox in the backyard,'" said Anderson. 

When Anderson approached his bedroom window, he found that a coyote had wandered into his backyard. 

"he was only like 60 feet away from me and it was such an awesome experience," said Anderson. "I have never seen a coyote in these woods, and never in Rochester, and you almost never see a coyote during daylight, they're nocturnal."

Capturing the moment can be quite a challenge for photographers. Often times, only having a split second to accomplish this goal.
For more than 50 years, has proven to do that and was awarded "Photographer of the Year" four years in a row by the Southern Minnesota Professional Photographers of America. 

"They say, F8 and be there, which means that if you don't go out, you're not gonna get the shots."

The 74-year-old says you just have to brave the cold and be bold. "Some days they're diamonds, some days, they're coal."

 Before the Rochester-based photographer realized his passion for photography, he was a painter for 15 years.

"When I shoot an image, I'm always in the back of my mind like, what would that look like if I painted it...I am at my age but I am still learning, constantly."

Anderson believes life isn't a practice run, you have one shot.
Similar to well-known nature photographer Jim Brandenburg who took one photo each day for 90 days, Anderson challenged himself to post a photo to social media every day for a year.

"Every day, I had to post a shot that was quality, something I'd be proud to post on Facebook or to hang on the wall. And I appreciated very suddenly the skill that it takes to do what Brandenburg did because he was shooting slide film, which is very slow."

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