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Rochester Full Service Community Schools ask for donations after glove shortage


Winter has been here a while and there is still plenty of cold left.

That's why when Family Resource rooms at Gage and Riverside Central elementary were almost out of gloves, they've asked people for help.

At Gage elementary, they told us they had already gone through a lot of the supplies that they do have.

That means if kids for any reason didn't bring their gloves with them, they can't go to recess.

"It's an essential part of their day, you know, it's part of the learning that they have," said Community Schools Partnership Specialist Justin Stoll. "Our recess programs have educational aspects to them, and it helps them burn off energy. And so if they're trapped inside, it's just not the same kind of day."

People can help out by dropping off gloves at Gage or Riverside Central elementary, at the RPS Edison building, or ship them through amazon.

They have an amazon wish list that they started this year of other items they would need for winter.

Those items would be shipped straight to them.

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