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"Teddy Roosevelt" makes an appearance at RCTC


History came alive Tuesday afternoon at the Rochester Community and Technical College's Heintz Center.

The RCTC LIFE program featured a live history performer, portraying Teddy Roosevelt and his crusade for the American Wilderness.

Mr. Roosevelt spoke about his childhood and how he desired to be a conservationist when he grew up.

He talked about the many different jobs he held before becoming the 26th president, which ranged from being a cowboy in the Dakotas to being Governor of New York.

Once he became president, Roosevelt made conservation a top priority. He established the United States Forestry Service, signed in the Antiquities Act, and created numerous bird and game preservations, along with hundreds of national parks and forests.

"The thing that I probably take the most pride in is the fact that I looked at the country as a father and that I preserved this country for the next generation," said Adam Lindquist, as President Theodore Roosevelt. "By the time I left the presidency I had preserved 230,000,000 acres of land, 359,000 square acres. The equivalent of the entire eastern seaboard; preserved for you and your children, and your children's children." 

LIFE stands for "Learning Is ForEver" and the group seeks to provide humanities-based educational programs for all ages.

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