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Woman arrested for allegedly concealing meth in coffee


Rochester Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Saturday night after 11:30.

Police say they found the car parked at the 4800 block of Salley Lane Northwest. The engine was running, but the lights were off.

When an officer approached the vehicle, they found a woman who appeared to be passed out inside. 

Police say the officer woke her up, and the woman did not know where she was, thinking she was in the Southeast part of Rochester. 

When the officer went back to the squad car to run the woman's information, the officer saw the woman concealing something inside of a coffee cup. 

The officer asked what she put in the coffee, she said that it was sugar. 

The officer then asked where the sugar packet was, and the woman began drinking the coffee instead of giving an answer.

When the police officer grabbed the coffee cup, they found a gram and a half of methamphetamine inside.  

28-year-old Sherissa Bryan of Rochester, is being held pending a charge of fifth degree possession of a controlled substance.

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