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Patriots and Eagles fans find out all about Minnesota Nice


The Mall of America is finding itself as the meeting point for two major groups, Minnesotans, and East Coasters.
So far, the people of Minnesota are doing a good job being the gracious hosts.

"The people have been very nice to us, no animosity at all," Michael Demattio, an Eagles fan, said. "So I enjoy my stay here, I'm having a good time"

"It's great beautiful, I love it, great city," Mike Clark, a Patriots fan, said. "Cold, a little too cold for me."

"People couldn't be any nicer, it's been thrilling to be here, even with this nice warm weather that we're having here," Joe Cooperman, an Eagles fan, said

That's the thing then, while Minnesotans have been doing their job, the weather has been assailing the out-of-towners.

"It's just the cold is too much," Alesandro Ferrari, a Patriots fan, said. "It's worse than Connecticut"

They're doing their best to stay bundled up and avoiding being outside as much as possible.

According to some locals, that's all part of the plan 

"I think of it as population control,"Monte White, a Vikings fan, said. "Give them a little taste of the Twin Cities but if the weather keeps them away, it's better for us in the long run" 

There was one thing that Minnesotans were concerned about: the behavior of eagles fans, especially with reports of Eagles fans throwing things at Vikings fans during the NFC championship.

"Eagles fans, I think I'm warming up to them a little bit," White said."At first i was kinda not too happy to see them "

But eagles fans assure us, there's nothing to worry about.

"To the people here that all that happened to: I apologize for that behavior," John Brenner, an Eagles fan, said. "I'm embarrassed by it and that's not what we do and that's not who we are. Those people hopefully aren't here today and I don't think they are, they're not coming here for the weekend."

At the end of the day, its the biggest game of the year and both sides are looking for the W. 

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