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Door decorating for a cause in Austin

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -

Students at Ellis Middle School in Austin are taking part in a local campaign to raise cancer awareness.

Paint The Town Pink is a campaign working with the Hormel Institute to fund cancer research.  Ellis students decorated doors at the school Friday with designs centered around cancer.   Each design focused on a certain specific cancer type.  Every home room was assigned a different kind of cancer and kids had to study the types of cancer they were assigned.

Paint the Town Pink organizers say Friday's activity is not only a good way to get students involved in the community event, but also to educate them about the subject.

"These kids are going to grow up and they're going to be the ones that carry on things, start new initiatives in the community.  So, it's important not only that they're learning about cancer, but also that they are learning about good citizenship in their community, community involvement, just togetherness," says Paint The Town Pink Director Kathi Finley.

Researchers from the Hormel Institute made a trip out Friday to rate each of the door designs.  Kids at Ellis have also been involved in events to raise money for the institute's research.  

"The whole initiative is to raise research funds for the Hormel Institute," Finley adds, "A lot of the research money that comes in,  it's all directed towards breast cancer research.  However, that research also stems out into other types of cancer as well." 

Paint the Town Pink representatives say 100-percent of funds raised go directly to research.  The campaign will continue until Sunday, February 11th.  
Future events include Saturday's Pink Swing and the Paint the Town Pink Craft Show next Friday.

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