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Local Musician shares their Minnesota Blues


Two years ago, Rochester resident Chris Carlson wrote some alternate, Minnesota, lyrics for Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.

It poked fun at all of the cold weather we have to deal with in our area, all the while hoping to leave the below zero temperatures and become snowbirds.

Now Carlson is a snowbird herself, but her lyrics have found a new voice.

Her son found a local musician in Luciano Souza, to play it two days ago.

Coming from Brazil, he's found that he can relate perfectly.

"I was not used to this kind of cold of Minnesota," Souza said. "I was feeling really depressed when I came in here from a winter there in Brazil and just got a new one here in Rochester."

Carlson and Souza have never met, however, he doesn't feel he has to now.

"Because I feel I know her," Souza said. "I never met them and [Carlson's words] are speaking exactly what I feel."

While the snow and the cold can be a drain, Souza says there's a special reason why there's nothing to worry about.

"Me and my wife, we are feeling very welcomed here and that's amazing," Souza said. "It's such a cold place but with such warm people, that's good."

To get a full appreciation for the song, be sure to watch the video up at the top.

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