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Rochester Downtown Farmers Market beings new home search


Rochester Downtown Farmers Market kicks off it's first market of 2018 on Saturday, January 13th, in Building 35 at Graham Park from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m.

After years of having separate locations for summer and winter months, organizers are making plans for a year-round permanent location.

For most, ringing in the new year means a new or better self.

But for the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market, it means a new home!

"We are looking for a permanent home," said Market Manager, Jessica Joyce. "Somewhere people can come every single weekend to shop from local farmers."

 The reason why the farmers market is searching for a new home?

"We're just kind of bursting at the seams and there's no guarantee that we will have this spot forever," said Board of Directors Member, Susan Waughtal.
"So we need to be ready for when some developer comes along and we have to find a new spot."

Next weekend, the market is hosting a design meeting to come up with ideas and designs for the new market. 

"It'll be facilitated by some volunteer architects from HGA and there will be about 30 stakeholders, customers, farmers, and community representatives,"
 said Waughtal.

"Then we hope to end up with, hopefully, some images; some drawings that being together a lot of those different perspectives and can help us as we're looking or comparing spaces or looking to build a new facility," said Joyce.

Although the design meeting will be closed to the public, the board hopes to have information and design ideas on display at this summer's farmers market. 
As for the time frame of when to be in the new location?

"It's still up in the air," said Waughtal. "We're just trying to be prepared for what happens; you never know. When an opportunity comes, we'll be ready to pounce on it!"

They even have a Pinterest board with ideas on what that could look like. 

You're invited to share your ideas of what you would like to see happen by emailing  

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