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Major discount retailer moves to Hayfield


A new business is moving into the small town of Hayfield.

The opening of Dollar General has certainly been the talk of the town for the past few week, which is good news for consumers but it may lead to unwanted competition in the small community for some existing businesses.

In many ways, Dollar General is similar to Walmart, offering products ranging from groceries and household products, to everything else in between.

Many residents said they were thrilled with having someplace new to shop and liked the idea of having another business in Hayfield.

They also liked the convenience of being able to shop for basic needs without having to make the drive to Rochester or Austin.

"A lot of people say it's a nice add-on to the community," said Hayfield resident Brady Kyllo. "It's a good start to help build the community, help get more jobs in Hayfield, attract more people to come to the schools and just help out the community." 

Some residents we spoke to, mentioned they were worried that the major retailer would become a competitor to the town's local grocery store, Ryan's Food.

Overall, the general opinion on Dollar General coming to town has been quite positive.

Dollar General is holding it's official grand opening this coming Saturday at 8 am. 

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