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Analysis shows full-service, acute care hospital feasible in Albert Lea


Residents have been throwing around the idea of a full-service, acute care hospital, since Mayo Clinic Health System moved some services out of that community, to Austin.

Tuesday night, they looked to learn just how real this idea could be. 

The short answer is yes, it is feasible, and cheers erupted when the announcement was made.

However it's not so simple.

The hospital would have to be run perfectly.

Currently Mayo Clinic Health Systems Albert Lea is not feasible with mayo Clinic's business structure.

That's why consolidation was deemed the only option.

However Quorum Health Resources doesn't necessarily recommend that the people of Albert Lea give up on working with Mayo Clinic.

The recommendation was to continue negotiations with Mayo Clinic to keep certain services in Albert Lea.. 

While at the same time look for a possible partner that would be willing to take the risk of setting up a hospital in Albert Lea

Another part of that recommendation was to consider making the hospital a federally qualified Health Center.

This would give Physicians incentives to stay And work independently of Mayo Clinic.

Regardless of the recommendation the people of Albert Lea are happy to finally have an answer.

"Just coming here tonight and getting the report, I'm feeling very optimistic," Angie Hanson, with the Save Our Hospital group, said. "It was clear that a full-service, acute care hospital can be sustainable in Albert Lea, Minnesota and I think that's what everyone was wondering. That was the big question so we're all happy to hear that."

However Mayo Clinic has made it clear that they are not wishing to sell their hospital building, and negotiations with another partner could take up to a year.

According to City Manager Chad Adams there are no new negotiation meetings lined up with Mayo Clinic just yet so the future of the hospital is still uncertain.

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