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Wabasha community comes together to gather supplies for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico


Many people in Peurto Rico are still struggling to get their lives back together after September's devastating hurricane.

Students at St. Felix Catholic School filled shoe boxes with all sorts of supplies to many in need. One of the students at the school has family in Puerto Rico, who could use many of these items.

The Wabasha community came together to donate supplies, food, clothes and toys to help on Wednesday, and students wrapped them all up.

Ileana De Angel's family lost nearly everything in the hurricane.

"A hurricane hit there, and it knocked a lot of power out, took away some of their food and clothes," said De Angel.

St. Felix Catholic School is helping collect shoe boxes filled with different items to send to kids and families in Puerto Rico.

"We talked to the family and they said what do they need down there? They need everything," said Principal Eric Sonnek.
They're also the De Angel's to help their family in Puerto Rico that's been affected by the hurricane. 

Shoe boxes upon shoe boxes filled with toys, art supplies, food and clothes. "It makes me feel really happy that we're able to help out and give things," said De Angel.

Through Operation Shoe box, the school was able to fill 175 shoe boxes, for the De Angel family and other families.

"We thought why don't we fill shoe boxes for those families and so, we just kind of kept talking with the family there and worked out the connections to get the mailing and everything sent there," said Principal Sonnek.

Principal Sonnek said the shoe boxes should be in Puerto Rico by Christmas.

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