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Rushford company developing high speed Chronic Wasting Disease test


With Chronic Wasting Disease becoming a growing concern, a Rushford company is creating a device that would drastically cut the time for hunters who are awaiting CWD test results.

Rushford NanoBioMedical Instruments is in the process of developing a portable CWD testing device that could be used by those hunters and the Department of Natural Resources.

The device is anticipated be no bigger than the size of a small briefcase, but would still conveniently allow for in the field testing of CWD.

Instead of having to wait anywhere from three days to three weeks for test results, hunters would receive their results in less than an hour. 

The device would also send the test results and a GPS location to the cloud which could be accessed by researchers tracking the disease spread.

"We've taken the standard system and added a front end sensor," said CEO & CTO Kevin Klugtvedt. "This front end sensor allows us to do two things: speed up the time and make it portable. You don't want to worry and you don't want to wait. People travel quite a distance to go hunting and you don't want to have to worry about coordinating what to do with your deer if you need to test it."

With distribution details still in the works, Klugtvedt anticipates the portable test kit to be sold at hunting and sporting goods stores.

The expected launch date of the product is July 2019, which would be just in time for that year's hunting season. 

As the project gets going Rushford NanoBioMedical Instruments will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indegogo.

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