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Communities United for Rochester Empowerment inform Mayo of their intent to picket outside the building in two weeks


The group CURE returned to Mayo Headquarters Wednesday to try and talk with Dr. John Noseworthy directly.

Members of CURE said they were disappointed - they had not heard back from Dr. Noseworthy about when and where to meet to talk about the housing crisis in Rochester, and how to fix it.

"He needs to meet with the community, he needs to meet with the everyday people that are struggling to survive," said CURE member Nancy Adams. 

"There's one member of this group that we lost track of because she was evicted. Fortunately one of our members knows where she is, which is good. But people are living hand to mouth," said Adams.

The group was met by Mayo Representatives at the door. They wanted to send two people in to deliver their letter Dr. Noseworthy personally.

They were told they cannot do that, but that they would pass along the information.

CURE emphasized to them the housing crisis in Rochester and that they needed to speak with him directly.

When they were told again that they could not do that, the group presented the representatives with a ten day notice for picketing at Mayo and the Gonda building.

Housing in Rochester is a crisis, and a complex issue. We spoke the Rochester Area Foundation's Housing Initiative Director to get a better understanding.

"You can't just write a big check and throw it out there and say 'create housing.' There are a lot of questions that have to be answered about what kind of housing, to what kind of consumer, at what price point," said Housing Initiative Director Steve Borchardt.

"It's not just Mayo, they're not the only employer in the community. They're not the only employer that needs employees that need a place to sleep. Indeed it's a community-wide issue, it's a state-wide issue, it's a national issue. We're no different than the rest of the nation," said Borchardt.

Dr. Noseworthy released a statement to CURE members saying: "Mayo Clinic shares your concern about and advocacy for affordable housing in Rochester. We have a long history of supporting affordable housing and are actively participating with the Rochester Area Foundation (RAF) to identify the best ways to address this complex issue. Developing sustainable solutions to this multifaceted issue requires strong community collaboration. 
To that end, we would welcome the opportunity for you to join a RAF meeting to share your concerns and learn about the ongoing efforts of the Olmsted County Housing Initiative."

Members of CURE said the picketing is planned for Monday, November 20 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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