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Mayo Clinic emphasizes lung health


Mayo Clinic is sharing healthy lifestyle tips as part of its Lung Health Awareness Event.

The event focused on teaching ways to reduce lung cancer and the importance of creating a healthy environment.

A large, inflatable set of lungs was displayed to show visitors what healthy lungs should look like.

A number of models were also on display to give more information on preventing lung cancer.

Mayo Clinic Coordinators say the event serves to show just how important it is to keep our lungs healthy.
"Our lungs are our number one defense against diseases and infections it's so important that we take really really good care of them, but you know over time between the length of environment, exposure to different chemicals, gasses, particles, tobacco use things like that can actually cause a lot of different kinds of cancers," said Janine Kokal of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Education Program.

Thursday's event took place in the Gonda Building's Mayo Clinic Cancer Education Center.

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