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Riverland Community College hosts Career & College Fair, attracting more than 1,000 area high school students

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -

As high school students try to decide what they want to study in college, Riverland Community College in Austin is lent them a high-tech helping hand Wednesday morning.

The annual Career Day and College Fair showcases all the different programs Riverland has to offer with interactive demonstrations. From STEM Careers and manufacturing to social sciences and healthcare, students were able to freely roam the college and explore those fields for themselves.
The event featured  Riverland's new Center for Agricultural and Food Science Technology, where students could stop by and learn about soil sciences, crops and much more.

And if they've always wanted to try and drive a combine they could try out the Riverland Combine Simulator. The John Deere Dealership in town donated the new  simulator to the college.  It's designed to be almost exactly like combines driven out on the field with the same controls.

Students could also learn about the next big thing in agriculture: drones. Some farmers like to be able to see their farms from the air, which of course gives them a much different view of their fields.
"There's these different programs that you can use for the drones,  some of them you can do a topography map, some you can do a 3-D map, you know, if you're measuring like a building site or something like that for surveying," said Crop Consultant Daniel Gerlach. "But you can also get an NDVI map, which is the amount of plant vigor you know and the space is kinda the nitty-gritty of it, but it also one of those things where you can do a thermal image, you can have infra-red images, you can get different cameras for them."

Gerlach says he believes by next year a majority of people will have a drone to get aerial views of their farms.

Rather than classroom presentations where people talk about their careers, students can actually see and experience how these professionals do their work.

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