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GOP gubernatorial candidates stop by Rochester to debate healthcare


Much like the DFLers before them, there was much agreement among the candidates.

However, unlike the DFL candidates, the theme Monday night was smaller government and less involvement from politicians.

Most candidates proposed getting rid of MNsure and letting the free market solve the issue of the high cost of health insurance.

As for dealing with the cost of prescription drugs, they said competition was the solution, and that letting patents expire would help generics drive drive down the cost.

But for the people in attendance, it was a lot of big-picture, and not enough detail.

"I wish there was a little bit more chance for people to interrupt what they were saying and kind of hear some more details rather than just lots of buzz words like competition or single payer or what have you," David Finkel, who was at the previous debate with similar complaints, said. "I think it was a good chance to see what both sides sides had to offer and have a first dabble in health care in the state."

Much like at the DFL debate, members from the Save Our Hospital group were there.

While the candidates didn't have an opportunity to give their solutions, some suggested that more hospitals would help "put the power back in the hands of the consumers."

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