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Zero-emissions bus manufacturer Proterra introduces battery electric bus


Proterra introduced the "Proterra Catalyst Bus" to the public Thursday morning.

The zero-emissions bus and heavy-duty vehicles manufacturer gave people round-trip rides to downtown Rochester on its battery-electric bus. Proterra introduced the bus to transit providers during a presentation at the Rochester Public Works Operations Center.

They talked in detail about the bus, the batteries and battery range based on the bus's route, driving profile and weather. The bus has zero tailpipe emissions and is made of composite, not metal. That means the bus is lighter, efficient allows for better use of the batteries. 

But most importantly, it would reduce pollution.

According to Proterra, 13,700,000 pounds of CO2 emissions are avoided.

"This will help the environment mainly in terms of pollution, both in terms of tail pipe emissions being reduced, again there's no tail pipe so there's no emissions, and in terms of noise pollution," said , Proterra Regional Sales Director Lauren Cochran. "No, the streets of Rochester might not be congested like the streets of Los Angeles, but there's still noise pollution and that has an impact on the community that the public transit serves."

The bus itself was quiet, you don't hear the engines because they don't exist - the bus runs on batteries. It even has a back window, not something you see very often on the buses you'd normally take. That is usually where the engine would be placed, but since the batteries are underneath the bus, there was room to put a window.

Proterra says that by the year 2030 they expect battery prices to be lower from the 1.2 million in 2009. 

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