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Dutch museum will soon have one of the last WWII locomotives found in Mason City, IA


Last week we shared with you the story of an old Whitcomb Diesel locomotive from World War II, one of the last of its kind, set to be cleaned up at Lehigh Cement Company in Iowa, and sent to Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele, a Railway museum in the Netherlands.

After some rain-delays, the train was cleaned up on Monday, layers of cement were removed. Cement accumulated on the train, as it was sitting at Lehigh Cement Company for more than 10 years. Now, it transformed from grey to its original colors of white and yellow.

On Tuesday, the locomotive was lifted up by cranes, then placed on an oversized load truck. 
The train is off on road trip to Milwaukee, from there it will be shipped to the Netherlands, where the Dutch museum is awaiting it's arrival to completely restore the train.

"Pretty excited to see this project, for our end of it at least, get finished off and get this loaded on a truck and ready to ship to Milwaukee. Should sail on Thursday and get over to the Netherlands and we're looking forward to seeing this thing restored in about 2021,"said Plant Manager Tom O'neill.

This locomotive was built in 1944 in the U.S. by Whitcomb and was shipped to France in 1945. Locomotives of this type were scrapped after World War II.
"It's a little bit of bitter sweet. It hasn't run most of the time I've been here, I've been here since 2004. It hasn't run in about 10 years here, so it's nice to see it go and actually be restored back to the way it should be," said O'neill.

Lehigh offered to donate the locomotive to the museum, the museum then started a crowdfunding site to be able to transport the train to the Netherlands.

The museum had been waiting for years to get the the locomotive, now they will work on restoring it, so it can be part of their museum's train collection. 

The train should get to Milwaukee by Thursday where it will be shipped to the Netherlands.

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