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Lawmakers want answers regarding US Bank Stadium's hiring and firing of security company

(CNN) -

Minneapolis is set to host the Super Bowl in February and lawmakers want to know why officials at US Bank Stadium hired a security company that had to be fired last month.

An internal investigation discovered Monterrey Security hired workers with criminal backgrounds and overcharged for its services. Detectives that helped with that investigation told a state house committee Thursday that officials missed plenty of red flags.

"There have been a couple instances at the U.S. Bank Stadium, the deal where they were rappelling down from the ceiling and there was another situation where actually one of their guards was wearing an ankle bracelet because of terroristic threats I think to the FBI. I think those might have shot up some red flags to look further," said Minnesota Board of Private Detectives and Protective Agents Greg Cook.

After the statement a lawmaker asked Cook to repeat the part about the ankle bracelet. Cook said, "Yes there was a Monterrey security officer that actually was wearing an ankle bracelet because he has-- he was making terroristic threats to the FBI."

The stadium hired two new firms to take over security after the violations were revealed last month.

As for the Super Bowl, that's classified as a national security event. The Department of Homeland Security will be in charge of keeping the game safe.

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