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Zumbro Ridge Estates residents take ownership of their community


Zumbro Ridge Estates is officially owned by the residents.

Teana Milliken and Hillari Erickson have lived at Zumbro Ridge Estates for decades.

Until Thursday, everything had been at the mercy of one investor-owner.

Now, that's changed.

"It means we have no corporate interference anymore," Erickson said. "It means the residents themselves will make all the calls."

While there is a Board of Directors that oversees the community, residents will vote on all of the decisions.

"We decide everything, how much we will pay for rent, all that kind of things is going to be decided directly by the residents," Erickson said.

For the people that have lived there the longest, this hadn't even been a consideration until the previous owner announced the estates were for sale.

The process started in April.

The residents then formed a non-profit group with the help of the Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, and bought the land for $2.3 million.

The NCF is specialized in helping residents of Manufactured Housing Communities form cooperatives to take ownership of their communities.

Now the residents hope they can better the place they call home.

"The main thing is we might be able to get things done around here more," Milliken said. "We've always wanted to do something with this trailer court."

Next up are some much needed repairs.

"Getting some of the trees taken care of, a bit of much needed road work," Erickson said. "In the future we're looking at upgrading water lines and sewer lines  and of course moving more places in and getting more people involved."

No matter what, Milliken and Erickson believe the future at Zumbro Ridge Estates is bright. 

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