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Rural Lanesboro will soon get faster internet, a big difference for businesses and homes


Broadband Communications Company AcenTek, along with Fillmore County had a Golden Shovel Event celebrating the start of the Lanesboro Fiber Build Project Friday morning.

This project will bring broadband internet to 479 households and businesses in rural Lanesboro. Internet speeds will reach 100 Mbps down, 50 Mbps up, and one Gigabit services will also be offered.

Which means Cedar River Valley Resort is going to have much faster internet. They have about 120 guests a night during peak season, and with all those added gadgets, not to mention the computers used in the main office, the internet can be very slow.

"Often times we have dead spots that they just lose connections. This will be a hundred megs per building coming in once we get the fiber optic, which should make a huge difference," said Cedar Valley Resort Owner Larry Johnson. "It's really frustrating when the customers get bumped off, and that happens on a regular basis."

Johnson said they avoid using their other devices so the internet on their computer can run faster.

"There's a lot of complications when you are in the rural area, and the topography that we have makes it very difficult. And so this just gives that opportunity for those people to be able to work from their home and have the fast speed that most people are accustomed to," said County Coordinator Bobbie Vickerman.

The project will cost close to $2 million; $1.7 million of that is coming from a Minnesota grant, and a $75,000 dollar loan from the Fillmore County Broadband Development fund.
Lanesboro will extend service to Rushford and other parts of rural Fillmore county.The new broadband service provides a great opportunity for people in those parts to work from home.

"It's a significant improvement over existing facilities and existing speeds today. So those will be definitely improvements that all the businesses and all residentials will see. Businesses will now be able to compete on worldwide markets," said  AcenTek CFO Darren Moser.

The project is expected to be completed by March of 2018.

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