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East Indian Creek property now protected "forever" against development


Quietly, and without much fanfare, something significant happened this summer in the woodlands of Wabasha County that will have an impact for years to come.

It's one of three projects in southeast Minnesota that will protect bluff land habitat for years to come for everything that lives there.

By entering into a legal agreement called a "conservation easement," landowner Larry Gates was able to protect his land, located southwest of Weaver, from being developed. 

"I sold conservation easements on this property, it now connects Snake Creek State Unit to properties over in the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area so we now have a nice corridor through here," said Gates.

"Tying it to the Snake Creek State Forest Unit, tying it over here to the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area, down through East Indian Creek Valley provides a corridor for animals and plants to be able to move in," said Gates. "It provides for a little bit more integrity, we are going to be able to reduce the amount of runoff on this property as a consequence of retiring some agricultural land and putting it into permanent vegetative communities -- plant communities. So that kind of stuff is going to lend some help to this little neck of the woods."

Gates worked with the organization Minnesota Land Trust to protect his East Indian Creek property. East Indian Creek is a state designated trout stream. 

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