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Med City Taxi purchases Yellow Cab of Rochester in major taxi deal


Med City Taxi has announced it is purchasing Yellow Cab of Rochester, putting the two competing companies under one roof. This afternoon, company officials are discussing the implications of the merge to their employees.

An official with Med City Taxi told KTTC the buyout has a lot to do with ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft coming into the city.

Employees from both Med City Taxi and Yellow Cab of Rochester were called into a meeting at 10 Monday morning, to discuss the upcoming changes with managers. So far, managers don't expect any layoffs, but workers are free to leave if they don't like the new changes.

A woman who works with Med City Taxi said cab services have had a significant decrease in customers since Uber and Lyft came to town in March, so the merge may be a way of softening that blow.

One cab driver with Yellow Cab of Rochester said he was worried about being laid off when coming into the meeting Monday. This worry has been a common feeling for cab drivers since the ride-sharing services announced they would be coming to the area.

Managers from both cab companies said they are spending the day talking to their drivers, so more information will be released when that is done.

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