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Dogs rescued from Texas soon up for adoption in Owatonna


Dozens of dogs rescued from flood-ravaged Texas will soon be up for adoption in our area.

Harvey separated a lot of pets from their owners. But some shelters in Texas did not have enough space to house the displaced animals. So to make room at those shelters, Patriots for Pets in Clear Lake, Iowa, and the Steele County Humane Society traveled down to Texas to bring 105 shelter dogs to the Midwest.

"It was overwhelming. All the dogs in the shelters are stressed and traumatized by this, and it was just heartbreaking to see," said Allison Abrahams, a board member with Steele County Humane Society who traveled to Texas. "It was very emotional and a great feeling to bring them back and give them a new life."

Currently, eight of those dogs are staying with foster families. Eventually, up to 40 will be fostered and be available for adoption through the Steele County Humane Society in Owatonna. They will arrive in the weeks ahead.

Owatonna resident Jackie Homuth was initially the foster parent to Tesha the black Lab, one of the rescued dogs. Homuth has since decided to adopt Tesha.

"You see on the news the various videos and pictures of the tragedy going on down there, and these dogs, you know, and it just breaks your heart," said Homuth. "They're so helpless. And to be able to bring a dog who has had a not-so-good life, and to bring him or her into a household and give them love -- that's all they want."

Another one of the rescued dogs that has found a home is Harvey, who is also a black Lab. Gene Fisher and his wife, Judy, plan to adopt him.

"Well, we're just fortunate in our society that people are willing to give up their time and efforts and go down to a disaster area, gather up animals, and bring them back and find them foster homes," said Fisher. "In an emergency like that, sometimes pets and dogs, animals are the last things that they are able to take care of. All of these dogs that they brought up -- we'll never know the history behind them. But whatever happens up here is going to be much better than what the future was for them down there."

If you are interested in adopting one of the rescued dogs, contact the Steele County Humane Society and visit the organization's Facebook page for updates.

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