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Rochester man starts month-long stay, helping Houston recover


KTTC saw the incredible generosity of Southeast Minnesota last week, when our community raised more than $130,000 to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Now, one Minnesota man is taking it a step further.

Rochester native Dan Hoeft works for Maryland-based International Orthodox Christian Charities. 

He's in Houston right now, after making the 20-hour drive late last week.

He told KTTC he started calling around after the storm hit to see what he could do. 

Hoeft has responded to about 40 natural disasters in the past decade, including Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Ike.

But his first was the historic 2007 floods in Southeast Minnesota.

Both here and now in Texas,  he's seen the kindness of neighbors. 

"People are just so giving," Hoeft said.

"Down here, they're very kind. They want to help one another out. It's really refreshing to see how many houses are already being worked on. And there are tens of thousands of houses that have been flooded."

Hoeft is leading a group of 13 local volunteers in Houston, where Monday they'll start helping homeowners with the overwhelming process of salvaging items and ripping up drywall. 

He plans to be in Texas for at least the next month, but is willing to stay longer. 

His one advice to those wanting to help: donate money to your charity of choice. 

Material items like clothes are too hard to organize right now when they get to the affected area. 

To learn more about the IOCC, click here


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